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Today, all gorilla species are reported to be endangered species of animals as stipulated by the International Union of Conservation for Nature (IUCN). Over the past centuries the gorilla population has been declines at a rapid rate in that research say that these animals will be no more in the next generations if they are not protected and conserved.

Status of Gorillas in the World

All gorilla species together, they are less than 150000 individuals left in the entire world that is the mountain gorillas are less than 900, the east lowland gorillas around 3000, west lowland gorillas less than 100000 and the cross river gorillas less than 300 individuals. With the above populations show how risky the gorillas are at getting extinct.

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Things You Can Do

In the recent years, the world has got to know how important is to conservation these wonderful primates and organizations and the government of countries where the gorillas are found have come out to combat the problem of gorillas getting extinct as conservation efforts have been made.

There are many ways to get involved and support gorilla conservation in Africa. Donate, adopt a gorilla, fundraise, volunteer, take part in an event, and lots more.

Help save the gorillas in the wild so that the future generations can also see these great apes only native to Africa.

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